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HAUR LING was founded 1976 in chemical business, with specialized in PAINT and INK raw materials, while providing professional and technical services.  For more than 40 years, we establish a long-term "coexistence, co-prosperity, co-benefit" based partnership with suppliers and customers, and persue it as our business objectives.

The company's in stock raw materials importation include: polymer additives KYOEISHA, silicone additives SILTECH, surfactants HARCROS, non-toxic inorganic pigments SAMBO, inorganic pigments NIC, colorants and liquid dyes LanXESS, fillers TAKEHARA, oil dyestuffs CHUO, metal complex dyes ORIENT, TiO2 TOR MINERALS, iron oxides HOOVERS, anti-corrosive pigments and nano-TiO2 TAYCA, fumed silica OCI, resin HANWHA, etc.  In addition to serving Taiwanese customers for many years, we also set up branch offices in 1998 at Mainland China, with service base extended at SHANGHAI, SHUNDE, DONGGUAN, CHENGDU etc.; over the years long-term cooperation in Taiwan has more than 450 customers, more than 1,200 in China.

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